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there's a break in this 20-inch water main. >> baltimore city records show this was laid back in 1989. >> is the city public works department focuses on replacing the swelling quillon the entire street right now. this is mostly holland. >> their concern about this street and they're trying to get rid of both of these water mains of this will not happen again. these remain shut for much of tuesday.
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>> they're working to get the water flowing into businesses again. this manager said it was the perfect opportunity to offer water main break special to try to bring in patients. >> we're hoping to available but of business from the workers out here. >> the impact on transportation is tremendous likely close to lombard, two major city blocks. they're trying to exist -- assist with changing traffic patterns and rush-hour is a major concern. >> there used to be all of these rounds to go. it is going to be mayhem, i think, coming out of work
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tonight. >> the department of public works think it will take approximately three weeks to get this block back in order. as mentioned, traffic is an issue. let's go now to capt. roy taylor in sky team 11 to find out more. >> we took a survey of the area and we can tell you that everything here is affecting not because everyone has been paying attention to the closure and have set up a detour. 83 looks good. they are all moving rather smoothly in downtown baltimore, more smoothly than expected. reporting live in sky team 11, and capt. roy taylor. >> continuing coverage of the downtown water main break, you can visit our web site,, for all of the road
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closures and how to get around. >> it to travel in eastern baltimore county, you probably solve this scene. the flames were igniting the waste water treatment plant sending the thick, black smoke in the air. it took firefighters have an hour to get in under control. one firefighter had to be taken to bayview for heat issues. >> that is the other story tonight, the intense heat. another code red alert is in effect. if you're taking part in the b g in the rewards program, today, you're a seat could be pumping an 50% level. thes go to tony pann in insta-weather forecasts center. >> a lot of the times we will
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make this transition to the bumpy weather. we will be getting some severe weather, or at least the possibility come out tomorrow afternoon. and everything will be relatively quiet for tonight. 100 at the airport and still 100 at bwi marshall. at least the dew point has dropped off a little bit. 100 degrees is still 100 degrees. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, temperatures will be in the mid 70's in the suburbs and will stay in the 80's downtown. when will we get a break? the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> an investigation in charles county after a triple shooting
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in waldorf. police responded to report of an assault after 5:00 this morning and they found a man and woman collapsed in the street. police found another man dead inside a near home. they believe the man inside the house shot himself. detectives out not yet confirmed the connection between the three. >> we know the identity of the baltimore county police officer who shot and killed a man last week. they formally charged tempt and he is a 17-year veteran of the force. is part of a tactical team investigating the attempted murder in howard county. baltimore city police are releasing the name of an officer shot and killed an armed man outside of a 7-eleven. ellie blog was the baltimore early sunday morning.
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after a brief chase, the officer fired a shot. he is a six-year veteran of the four is currently on administrative leave. 11 news has learned one of the sheriff's deputies has been suspended without pay. he is now the subject of an internal investigation. suspected abuse of police powers. >> in harford county, they have found the body sank 35-year-old man was running along the bush were ever with a friend when he was whisked away by the current. authorities were called to the scene as a large storm was coming through.
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the medical examiner's the performing an autopsy. >> the federal reserve chairman on capitol hill today. the fed shares as lawmakers need to help in the fiscal crisis never johnson joins us from capitol hill with more. >> the federal reserve chair gave his midyear report to congress today. he urged lawmakers to take their part to urge the nation's economy. ben bernanke offered evidence to the senate banking committee. he said there ready to take more steps to boost the economy but would not be more specific. >> the fed is prepared to take
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further action. the complication is that we start dealing with was conventional tools. he said the fed can only do so much and the economy which trouble further if they fail to reach a budget. they see little cooperation. >> given the political realities in this election year, that may be the only game in town. f >> romney said the fed report is more proof the obama economic plan is not working. >> his policies did not help create jobs. they depressed job creation. it's why we are still struggling. >> the president telling voters in texas that that is not the case. >> let's give tax breaks to companies that are investing right here in texas, right here in the united states of america. let's put americans back to work.
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>> the it country grew at a rate of 2.5%. it is on like the fed will take any action at the end of this month. if the economy continues to weaken, steps may be taken at the meeting in september. jennifer johnson, wbal-tv 11 news. >> truly astounding video outside of arlington virginia. corrected and the pedestrian accident caught on camera. police are searching for witnesses. >> can you tell me what happened with this management facility? >> we dig deeper into the operation of a puppy mill. the
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perfect for breakfast or any time of day. subway. eat fresh. >> here's a look at what's happening right now. the faa is investigating the crash of a small plane in montgomery county happening just before 7:30 p.m. last night. fire and rescue personnel sent at least one person dead and a second is being treated at a trauma center. the craft was landing at the
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airport. >> police in arlington county virginia releasing startling video tonight. they walked past a man who had just been struck by a car. investigators are trying to get more information in the video shows people walking bass to the victim without standing behind the help. they see the traffic signal without because of a recent storm. baltimore city police are investigating a shooting. they think they have some information along avenue here
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and anyone with information should contact police. >> we begin tonight medical or work with a new study that reveals a currently popular treatment for scoliosis does not prevent it from spreading. it is the most widely prescribed drug for multiple sclerosis and measured how long it took the patients taking the drug to experience a decline in symptoms comparing to those not on medication and they found no evidence that it helps slow the progression of the disease. the results make them question whether the drug should be so widely used. >> the you ever get the feeling like you need another pick me up? the latest trend is turning to an intravenous drip for vitamins and minerals.
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they say it has anti aging in the mean boosting properties did you not only looking under but can relieve the effects of the night on the town. it's popular in hollywood. some doctors say that it is really unnecessary allows the body has troubles or. vitamins. they're not surprised people feel better after getting these iv vitamins because most people do not get enough vitamin and minerals to begin with. it is possible to overdose, so always consult your doctor if before undergoing a tree limb. another seduced -- another study found a small college in
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illinois used paper dolls to ask a group of 6-9 year-old girls they wanted to play with or look like. the majority chose the doll with less clothing. they found the six year dollar would be more popular than a doll that was more covered up. the researchers said, showed dance and other sports may be associated with better body image in females. >> your 11 insta-weather + forecast with meteorologist tony pann. >> we hit 100 degrees at bwi. the record was 101 degrees. we will have to see if we actually snuck up to 101. it is still 100 right now at 5:00. 102 degrees downtown. 94 out in the outlying areas.
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it feels better as far as timidity in the two. has dropped off into the 60's. part of it feels to live better out there, but 100 is still 100. 62 degrees downtown. the dew points are in the upper 50's. waiting for this to come through and give us some relief for the he, in the not look like it will make all the with your maryland. another hot day on the way tomorrow. there's the possibility for more severe weather tomorrow. that is still a way off in the west right now. short term, we may wind up with a drier night tonight.
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uncomfortable and still warm. i doubt we will drop below 80 degrees in the city, but elsewhere, making it into the 70's was sunset at 8:31. this will sink down into the northern part of pennsylvania. what will likely happen tomorrow is a line of storms will develop bottle the boundary into the afternoon and evening hours and drift into maryland after the early tomorrow night. is a pretty good chance for some severe weather from baltimore on north. the best chance for severe weather will be up in pennsylvania. we could be seen some large hail, heavy rain, and wind gusts over 50 miles per hour. during the day tomorrow, he's the sunshine and hot again. humidity will be up and
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temperatures will be between 95 hot and 100 feeling like 100- 105. southwest wind out of the bay in high tide at 6:54 a.m. scattered showers and thunderstorms likely on thursday as well. thursday evening this will come through. we will still hit 92 on thursday. it will go down and it will be very comfortable. mid '80s on saturday and sunday with overnight lows in the 50's. it still looks like it will be a great weekend. >> johns hopkins went from first to second best hospital in the nation. we have more on how they're reacting to the news. >> johns hopkins has had a lot of bragging about this year,
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great research, a brand-new building, and more, so this is a bit of a letdown. for many it's a shocker. for 21 years, johns hopkins hospital held the no. 1 ranking in in the u.s. news and world report on the best hospitals closed. this year, the hospital's lab to number two behind massachusetts general. >> it's a bit of a disappointment. >> they say they have gotten accustomed to being on top all these years, but the main thing is that they will still work to be the very best and then all these years. that is what we do here. that is what we change today.
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both hospitals scored 30 points in the ranking, but mass. -- massachusetts general beat it out because it has 16 write programs to johns hopkins 15. >> that reputation is as solid as it gets. >> they say the will this will not hurt hopkins a bit because of is a leading global brand. pavel >> everyone knows about maryland to an johns hopkins. >> they say they will take a look at the data. is a daily thing that changes is methodology. there's always next year. live at johns hopkins, wbal-tv 11 news. always room for
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improvement. >> still ahead, a former officer has received the congressional gold medal. what has he done to get one of the country's highest honors. >> i'm jayne miller live downtown where the water main break continues to slow traffic. coming up at 6:00, all the trouble working underground and the cause. >> are you busy mom? i'm sarah caldwell in annapolis. coming up, one local doctor changing the way people think can.
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>> this veteran of the baltimore police department has brought home the congressional gold medal. >> he was one of the very first african-americans in the u.s. marine corps. rob roblin has the story. "sergeant james dixon has been a
5:26 pm
police officer in the baltimore for 33 years, for that, he was a marine. today, he was honored. >> one of the first african- americans in the marine corps between 1942-1949, and 20,000 african-american marines were trained at monfort. n.c.. last month, they were honored with a congressional gold medal. today, one of those honored brought his model to the baltimore city police department. >> i want to thank you for all of you done for baltimore city and the united states of america. [applause] >> his friends and fellow officers were here today to say thank you. >> it is a great story.
5:27 pm
>> sergeant dixon was like a father figure to us. he is treated everybody so well. and number took a day off. he was a terrific officer, a terrific man. >> he served in the baltimore city police department from 1954-1987 and he has seen a lot of changes over the years. >> it has been an honor being in the core and it has been and are to defend it in this police department caught. i see the results of our hard work. >> rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the water main break is causing a shoot down town. >> here is the view from sky team 11 and coming up, a live
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report on the hang up from capt. roy taylor, but first -- >> zuma make sure that they are treated right. quantum and cover something in timonium in track down some professionals who may have been working on the side. >> it's becoming an increasingly popular sport and team usa has a chance to bring home the gold. chance to bring home the gold.
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> were watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 in hd with stan stovall,
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donna hamilton, tom tasselmyer. 11 news live in hd continues now. >> it began as an investigation, listed in timonium. two months later, more questions still remain. >> and wells was working inside this where bills were-treated. >> as we uncovered, it was a go to destination for people from all over. the pain clinic off of york road in timonium. rated and shut down in may, as they were charged with distributing narcotics. the two operators of the clinic and the elderly man who owned the business. >> the signs went up announcing they were closed, we began
5:31 pm
tracking the other side of the story, the medical professionals who work inside. prosecutors say they saw a patient per day to pay cash up front for treatment. >> late last month, of we were there as the maryland board of physician suspended the license of this position as assistant. >> accused of prescribing drugs for illegal purposes while working at the clinic. the position the board ordered her to surrender her license and everything in her possession. according to a federal affidavit, the first problems started when out of town people were trying to get prescriptions
5:32 pm
for large amounts of's common. >> can you tell me what happened? we were unable to rescue very much at all. >> turn the cameras off, please. >> no action has been taken against this doctor also named in the federal affidavit of writing prescriptions he has privileges at a number of major hospitals. he was listed on this prescription that one addicted waited hours to obtain. >> we tried to contact a doctor to confirm his affiliation, but he did not return our calls. we have learned that he has recently left the state and has got a license to practice in ohio. quinlan clear though what will
5:33 pm
happen in the state case. he is handled numerous cases involving rigid prescription fraud. >> the keys lawgiver a far. what they will be purged at some point and they will explore other options. they cannot, dollars is to become news coups. >> of the doctors doing something they should not be doing, they should be treated at least the same as everyone else's. as case remains an active investigation. their work is far from over. debra wiener. >> two doctors who worked at a previous location were
5:34 pm
suspended by the state medical board and there's a trial date that has never been said. >> the water main break that was breaking news yesterday continued to cause problems 24 hours later another pair could take three weeks to complete morning rush hour will be rough and during that time and we go back out to capt. roy taylor in sky team 11. >> things are moving smoothly. we will tell you that a pretty much have an understanding about what is blocked off and how to circumnavigate. there is a problem is out lb 395, a traffic on i-95 is extremely heavy and that is not. . do not credit the area for
5:35 pm
upcoming artscape. >> no word that sparked an east -- a late afternoon fire. the 1911 was above ability just before 3:00 this afternoon where we're told a transformer broke out in flames. johns hopkins dropped out of first place according to the u.s. news and world report. maryland -- massachusetts general and is listed as no. 1 in boston. johns hopkins has been at the top of the honor roll since the list began. they say it's disappointing but they will continue to work to be the very best. it is based on hospital performance and resources. but >> top state leaders are looking to expand.
5:36 pm
they were unable to come up with on anything and they might call back for a special session on gambling. they met for about an hour this morning. it may take some elbow grease to have a special session happen. it would including gambling commission to set new tax rates for gambling companies. >> a frightening discovery on board a delta flight on the way from amsterdam. >> he is from baltimore. use a local magician and is the top contender in the finals of "america's got talent" tonight.
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>> delta air lines and the fbi are trying to figure out how
5:40 pm
they got on board turkey sandwiches in amsterdam. two of them were down by passengers and one was discovered by an air marshal. they said they notified all 18 flights from amsterdam to use about serving these sandwiches, but the damage had already been done. >> it could have been a bad injury. had i taken a big swallow and swallowed it, i would have a needle in side. that would be very concerning to me. >> another person reported an injury. the person has been treated. >> out of brooklyn new york, a 7-year-old girl fell from a window and rescued by her
5:41 pm
neighbor. take a look. the little girl was dancing on the air conditioner with her hand on the building. the neighbor noticed her. the bus driver was just getting home and russia over and tried to get her to go back inside. >> let me catcher. that's all i could say. let me catch the little baby. >> it almost appeared as though she jumped on purpose, but amazingly, she is going to be ok. >> one of the biggest concerns. >> which airlines are more likely to lose your bags? that's ahead in consumer alert. >> the field hockey stick
5:42 pm
designed here in baltimore. i will let you know how you can win one next. >> another hot day today.
5:43 pm
>> coming up, a big weather -- water main break downtown. jayne miller takes a closer look at the repeated problem in balt#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f
5:44 pm
>> the olympics are just a week and a half away and now ere is chance to win a piece of olympic memorabilia.
5:45 pm
>> the growing in popularity and part of the usa women's field hockey team. this year, in a position to possibly bring home the gold that the olympics. >> this year, with us being able to have a chance to medal at the games, we will gain a lot of exposure. >> they're the biggest manufacturer of field hockey sticks in the nation. they created a limited edition olympic hockey stick. the have also partnered with kerrey. >> she has been in one of the most iconic figures. chu is the captain of the it team up until last year. she could not play this year due to injuries, but we decided to the perfect person to align with. >> by registering, you can win a
5:46 pm
team usa hockey stick and a chance to meet her in person. from now until the games start, you can win a free stick and one person will win the grand prize. >> one lucky winner will actually begin to have carried come to their home town and spent the day with them and have her co-chair practice, a special opportunity given her level of expertise in the sport. >> you can find a link on our web site, >> your 11 insta-weather + forecast with meteorologist tony pann. >> managing to do it again today, we hit 100 degrees. we did not break the record. it was 101 setback in 1988. we made it up to 102 degrees downtown. the average size 88. this is typically the hottest
5:47 pm
part of the year. do not be surprised in july when meggett temperature like this. we will cool off and be below average. it is probably because of the grass pollen in the moderate range. this is surprising considering how dry and has been. here are the temperatures. 100 degrees at bwi marshall. one note to downtown. - 6 in columbia. 97 in rising sun. the dew point has come down and this evening it is in the upper 50's. it's hot out there, but it's not as human as it was yesterday. here is the weather set up watching the front move across canada and the northeastern part of the united states. there are some big thunderstorms developing along about frontal
5:48 pm
boundary in new hampshire. thunderstorms to our west also in the ohio valley. tonight, i think we will stay dry. clear the partially cloudy tonight. temperatures will probably back below 80 and we will make it into the 80's in the suburbs. the line of strong thunderstorms developing across that boundary up in pennsylvania. there's been a chance we could get severe weather, but the best chance will be in pennsylvania and new jersey. you will eventually did into maryland to the best chance will be early tomorrow night and some large hail, heavy rain possible. the forecast for tomorrow is hazy sunshine to smart -- to start with another hot day. it will be over 100 and then the chance for thunderstorms late in the afternoon and tomorrow evening.
5:49 pm
the seven-day forecast, the front will not make it through maryland until thursday. i temperatures near 92 and smooth sailing into the weekend. the high temperatures by saturday and sunday will be in the mid 80's. the overnight lows will drop into the 50's. cooler by the end of the way. >> at your luggage lost when you fly puts a damper on your trip. these are ranked based on losing your bags. the airline loses nearly 20,000 checked bags every month on average. it sure beat the problem to bad weather and higher than average number of connections.
5:50 pm
local officials in howard and anne arundel county station be where a scam artists targeting you. senior experts say teenagers are at risk of losing their lives savings and their launching a program how to educate families. one interesting aspect of the program is what they're calling it a criminal targets camp that says how likely are to be the potential target of a scam. targeting is seen years, identity theft, and financial exploitation. you can find all the intermission on our website under consumer alert. officials of a warning tonight about thieves using the olympic games to try to steal your identity. it's taking shape of an e-mail claiming uri prize winner for the nokia out sweepstakes.
5:51 pm
did prize is 500,000 pounds. -- the prize is 100,000 pounds. >> this is just one of the scams out there trying to help carry quite frankly, you should be wary of any sweepstake's emails especially when you never entered. >> it you have not started to hang in to america's got talent ," one of the finalists is from baltimore and he is the world's youngest escape artist. he also runs the shop with his dad where he performs a comedy magic show on friday and saturday night. he has left the judge's stunned.
5:52 pm
>> that's amazing. you can see his next performance 8:00 right here tonight on wbal-tv 11. don't miss it. the economic outlook is not as good as you would like. , but what can be done to spark growth? officials on capitol hill are looking at action. net 6:00. >> are you my mom who is too
5:53 pm
busy to eat right? i'm sarah caldwell. coming up, a local doctor changing the way people eat and think. also, one patient whose life was changed forever next.
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clucks for moms come a bad healthy -- >> for moms, bad eating can be an issue. >> one mom is winning the fight against obesity. >> juggling a job and a busy career means falling into bad habits. >> i would eat everything. >> they were having a devastating effect. she was on the edge of type 2 diabetes. >> like any mom, she reached a point of desperation until she met dr. a.
5:57 pm
the nutritionist is the author of the habits of health. she had over 200 pounds to shed win they met. >> just a few moments of taking a deep breath. >> stop challenge yourself and ask you what you want. >> you don't have to deprive yourself. >> satisfaction comes in the first few bites. make choices , eating low glycemic foods will make the difference. >> she dropped 211 lbs in 18 months.
5:58 pm
>> i never had time to spend 10 minutes at the gym. >> they have made the change to put them in her daily life. >> it affects the whole family. they're all waiting healthier. >> in annapolis, wbal-tv 11 news. >> she was so inspired she now works with him as a health coach. little changes can make a big difference like standing instead of sitting. there are more weight loss tips from dr. a and shirley under "medical alert" on >> here's a look at what's coming up now at 6:00. >> the broken water main in downtown baltimore.
5:59 pm
i'm barry simms and we have team coverage. >> why recovery could be a bumpy road ahead for the u.s. economy. i'm nikole killion with more on the fed's forecast congress. >> and johns hopkins lost its no. 1 ranking. i'm lisa robinson with the story coming out. >> live, local formally breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> what a mess in downtown baltimore tonight as this water main break shuts down three blocks. "today, the aftermath is impacting businesses and commuters. we have team coverage tonight. jayne miller is live with a broader look at the issue of the water main breaks in baltimore city. >> we have a look at how the issues affecting traffic and we begin with barry simms who is just a few feet away

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